Popi is friendly

Popi is your kid's new best friend, a cute dog who will not only show them their favourite cartoons, but also teach them about life, friendship, but also boundaries & responsibility.

You never have to worry about inappropriate content - Popi is a completely ad and violence free puppy.

Popi is a good dog - fully in the parent's control. You make the choice

Meet the Fam


the super smart, super fun do that's the
star of Popi TV.


he's a friend of Popi's and always looking
out for Popi


another friend of Popi's.She's a hip, cool
cat,,,well Fox that loves mischief.

Favourites for kids

Popular series and movies in your mobile device specifically for 3 to 7 year olds

No ads, no violence

Popi makes sure your kids are not exposed to ads or violence

You are in control

Set your rules for watching Popi will take care fo the rest

App content

More content coming soon

Shaun the Sheep
Brain Freeze
Munki and Trunk
Janku Jass

Available soon

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